Andiamo Là

17.10.2014 – 30.10.2014
Diego Miguel Mirabella – Matteo Nasini
curated by Daniela Cotimbo
L’A project space, Palermo, Italy
With the support of Operativa Arte Contemporanea, Rome


Born as an exchange between two artistic realities, related both in terms of generation and contents, andiamo là is a journey into diversity, a psychic rediscovery of a landscape reached through the introjection of its elements. Such journey is enhanced by a special filter, the words of Albert Camus, whose “meridian” thought arises precisely form the awareness of belonging to a world and more specifically to a place whereby contemplation is offered already in response to every demand of comprehension. The idea of giving to the philosophical thought a geographic collocation, today negotiated with an ever-increasing necessity to explore diversities, becomes a chance to reflect on the ways to internalize such experience, of which the landscape’s observation is one of the crucial aspects.

Whereas Diego Miguel Mirabella enacts, through rudimentary machines, the dance of a thought, which grazes his most beloved objects and images, Matteo Maisini proposes instead an ambient sonorization derived from a study of the Mediterranean’s maps, by identifying along its coasts, the notes on which Matteo’s composition is based on.

With the support of Operativa Arte Contemporanea, Rome