Beyond Binaries

Beyond Binaries
Mara Oscar Cassiani, Ginevra Petrozzi, Call Monica, Giulia Tomasello
Curated by Erinni
AlbumArte, Rome

Beyond Binaries – Residences for participatory and transfeminist art arises from the desire to investigate issues related to identity and gender dynamics, in relation to the Torpignattara district, the metropolitan area of Rome where historically, migratory trajectories and different communities have sedimented.

All the involved artists explore, with different languages and practices, various themes that have emerged from the exchange with the people who inhabit and traverse the territory. Mara Oscar Cassiani gives a renewed look to her project Nuovo Habitat, aspiring to build new cultural forms in opposition to gender stereotypes, drawing on gaming culture. For Beyond Binaries, a video installation with site-specific elements related to the performance that took place on July 1st at the Casilino Sky Park terrace will be exhibited. Politics of Walking is an affective map of the neighbourhood created by Call Monica — composed of Barbara Bordoni, Est Coulon, Gaia Ginevra Giorgi, Alessandra Grieco, and Theresa Maria Schlichtherle — a collective of performers that investigates the patriarchal gaze as a cultural construction and a vector of power. 

Ginevra Petrozzi presents the performance Prophētai during the exhibition opening, where she compares the function of algorithms with the predictive function of some divinatory techniques, giving the audience the opportunity to interact and alter the algorithm. Giulia Tommasello, artist and designer, explores the world of intimate female health with the site-specific installation Chi è Louisa (?): through “speaking objects,” direct testimonies, and biohacking projects, the artist investigates how to subvert the protocols and taboos related to the medical system and knowledge about the female body, revealing its patriarchal nature.The project, promoted by the Erinni Cultural Association, is the winner of the VitaminaG call within the program, funded by the Youth Policies of the Lazio Region with the support of the Department for Youth.