Non sono io il fotografo

Non sono io il fotografo
Massimiliano Tommaso Rezza
Curated by Daniela Cotimbo
Castelnuovo Fotografia
Castelnuovo Di Porto, Italy

This work originates from the homonymous book published in 2021 by Pneumatica, an independent publishing house founded by Massimiliano Tommaso Rezza himself.
As in the book, the exhibition created for Castelnuovo Fotografia emphasizes the ambiguous nature of the photograph, its conventions and the social practices influencing photographic language.

The choice of framing, selecting a subject, and using a particular style are not neutral actions, but are glaring signs and symptoms of photographic automatisms, conjectures, ideas and political views that affect the outcome of any photographic recording.
Starting from five photographs that the author himself took of “an audience” during a public outdoor event in Berlin, Rezza made enlargements which bring out the physiognomies of the individuals in the crowd.
While in the generic form/name/idea “public” – both as a concept and visual convention – individuals remain undistinguished, the enlargements reveal faces and features belonging to specific individuals.

When a photographer decides which subject to choose, which language to use, and the use he is going to make of it, he relies on a preconceived idea that hides the integrity of the scene he observed: so he must always assume the responsibility and the burden of exclusion and censorship that he willingly or unintentionally operates.

The exhibition aims to provoke reflection about the photographic practice and its seemingly neutral language; at the same time, it establishes a direct relationship with the public, assuming that the use of the exhibition is also affected by cultural and social constructs.

In accepting the invitation to the ninth edition of the Festival, dedicated to Paesaggio del Futuro, Rezza invites us to constant and radical questioning of our own gaze.