Muovendomi, stando ferma.

Muovendomi, stando ferma.
Rita Mandolini
Curated by Daniela Cotimbo 
Cosmo Trastevere, Rome

ph Giorgio Benni

Inspired by the unique characteristics of the exhibition space, a former basilica dedicated to Saint Apollonia, which is connected to the adjacent Belli Theater, the artist creates a fictional path that encompasses personal and collective memories, materiality, and suggestions, opening inaccessible gaps among the cracks of everyday life.

Having long been engaged in research in the painting field, for this occasion Mandolini uses multimedia installation, audio and video, to explore her relationship with the space, moving delicately (so to speak) through the interstices, niches, and folds: dancing, pushing, hiding so as not to be found.

This is exemplified in Saltimbanchi, where the dance of lovers is staged, more akin to pogo dancing than courtship, or in Muovendomi, stando ferma., the work that gives the title to the entire exhibition, where two female feet forcefully push the doors of a wardrobe in an attempt to conceal something not meant to be seen.

This secretive element also relates to the intimate dimension of the feminine, so excessive that it becomes a monster or chimera. This is how the artist herself appears in her Autoritratto con liquirizia, a Medusa with a hidden gaze, who does not petrify but rather fears being petrified.

And if Cose che non ho mai desiderato brings us back to a sensory dimension, made of hidden desires materializing in distorted sounds and captivating glimmers, Ultimo giro alludes to deception, the attempt to open the door and leave.

The sensory nature of the environments becomes an embodied experience, through movements, sounds, visions, and obsessions, we inhabit a space we know, that is familiar to us, as if for the first time: we are fascinated and perhaps a little frightened.

With this project, Rita Mandolini explores artistic language as a remedy for alienation, an expiatory ritual, a fiction as real as it embodies repressed or unspeakable desires, dreams, hallucinations, and crossings of thresholds.

Rita Mandolini’s work embraces languages and techniques that challenge the obvious relationships between appearance, matter, and visibility. Slowness and waiting are inherent to her. Confined spaces like the interior of the body or a domestic environment, traces of memories, or the sinister call of trauma are her preferred fields of action. Exhibitions/Projects: Di stanza in stanza, Curva Pura, duo exhibition, 2024, Rome. Odds rarities and B-sides, Vol. 2, video review, COSMO, 2023, Rome. Monochromacolor, Studio Campo Boario, 2022, Rome. All Boom Arte, video screening DROPS#2, 2021, National Gallery of Art Vilnius. XVII Giornata del Contemporaneo Italiano, AlbumArte, Drops#3, Italian Cultural Institute, 2021, Bratislava. Disturbo di conversione, solo exhibition, Galleria AOC F58 Bruno Lisi, 2019, Rome. Da Casa, abitare il tempo sospeso, AlbumArte, 2020, Rome. Cabine d’artista Abbi Cura, SBA, 2019, Ostia. Non ti faccio uscire non ti lascio entrare, solo exhibition, Galleria Gallerati, 2018, Rome.